Program Tracks

Ageing and the Economy – Benefits to Society

The Economy track will explore the current and potential benefits of an ageing population to the global, national and local economies, and the economic implications of lack of adequate policies. How a growing ageing population affects employment, productivity, and growth. It will also address the need for financial planning. Discussions will center on finding sustainable solutions to ensure economic security for older persons, both in terms of individual financial stability and the stability of the larger economy. Discussions on the workforce will delve into the impact of an ageing workforce on society, flexible work arrangements, job training and retraining programs, age-diverse workplace environments that support older persons who wish to and are able to, in continuing to work and promote intergenerational collaboration.

Ageing and Health

The Health track will delve into the physical, mental, and social well-being of older persons, focusing on healthy ageing, maintaining functional ability, and access to healthcare services, from prevention, to rehabilitation and palliative care.  Discussions will include the latest advances in health technologies, as well as the role of assistive technology in improving health outcomes and enhancing the quality of life for older persons. The track will promote a holistic approach to health that incorporates physical, mental, and social aspects to enable older persons live healthy, fulfilling lives.

Ageing and Technologies

The Technology track will explore the latest developments at the intersection of ageing and technology. The topics covered will include “Ageing in a digital world,” “A design approach to gerontology,” “Robotics smart home,” “Intuitive Technology to Prevent Loneliness and Social Isolation” “Fall prevention through technology,” “Scaling up technology impact,” “Improving Access to ICT and ICT Literacy”. Discussions will range from innovative start-up experiences to the use of technology to promote independent living and mobility as people age.

Age-Friendly Environments & Culture

Sessions in this track will focus on creating environments that are supportive of the needs, interests, aspirations and preferences of older persons, including  access to cultural and leisure activities. Topics will include age-friendly communities, accessible transportation, and intergenerational engagement, among others. The track will promote the creation of inclusive, vibrant communities where older persons can continue to live, work, and play, and encourage the development of innovative approaches to leisure and cultural engagement that benefit both older persons and society as a whole.